Fishing Jindabyne
Lake Jindabyne
Site of the '1999 World Fly Fishing Championships'


Lake Jindabyne is situated in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia and is regarded as the best trout fishing waters on mainland Australia with a full variety of fishing areas from tiny streams for 'dry fly' fishing to larger rivers for fly fishing and lure spinning to the larger lakes where all methods of trout fishing can be used including fly fishing, boat trolling, lure spinning and bait fishing methods.
Lake Jindabyne offers both WILD Brown and Rainbow trout as well as Brook trout and Atlantic Salmon (up to 20 pound) and all fish can be caught using all methods.
We practice 'Catch and Keep' on the lake and 'Catch and Release' on the rivers, but the choice is yours!

Lake Jindabyne - There's always a good time to fish Lake Jindabyne. No matter what season there is always a method that works.
Are there many trout in the Snowy Mountains waterways?
NSW Fisheries at Gaden Trout Hatchery stock over a million trout into our waters so there is a guarantee there are trout to be caught.

Am I guaranteed to catch a trout on tour?
When you are dealing with nature there is absolutely no guarantee that the fish will be biting on the day.

What are my chances then of catching a trout on my tour?
You are booking a ‘guided tour’, we can’t guarantee that you know how to fish, we can’t guarantee that you may hook up on a trout and then lose it, in fact we can’t guarantee anything as only you know how well you can fish! If you want a guarantee that you will catch a trout you need to find someone that offers “Catching Tours” not fishing tours!

What we can guarantee.
We at Steve Williamson’s Trout Fishing Tours, provide you with the expert guidance and tuition to give you the very best chance of catching a trout, but while we can’t guarantee you catch a trout we can guarantee we will do everything possible to help you and we will ensure that you will have a great day and go home with at least an increased in knowledge about trout fishing the Snowy Mountains area.
Winter snow skiing and boarding at 'Thredbo' and 'Perisher Blue'­ The Mighty Snowy Mountains Scheme - Bush walk 'Kosciuszko National Park' and see alpine wild flowers in spring and summer ­ Horse Ride ­ Mountain Bike Ride- White water raft ­ Canoe - Sailing and Water skiing on Lake Jindabyne;­

Visit Craft shops, alpine wineries, Caves and Thermal pool, Art Galleries, Trout Farms, Ski-tube- Australia's only alpine railway. - 4 wheel drive trips; ­

Dine at award winning restaurants and take in a movie at Jindabyne's modern theatre. So much to do and lot's, lot's more. The non ­ angler is always kept busy.