Fishing Jindabyne
"As a member of the Professional Fishing Guides and Instructors Association I would have to rate him as the most professional and enjoyable guide I have ever met!..
David Magner - 'Fish 'n' Tackle' magazine.
"Lake Jindabyne, I did the right thing in 1972 and took my wife there for our honeymoon. I just love the place, the people are friendly, the environment is beautiful. For local knowledge, Steve Williamsons' Trout Fishing Adventures.'
Rex Hunt - Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 2004.
Whenever he is in the Alpine Region, Andrew likes to head out with fishing guide Steve Williamson who runs a trout fishing adventure tour on Lake Jindabyne. 
"He has never let me down."
Andrew Ettinghousen - Escape with ET, Open Road Magazine 2005.
"We had semi-retired, we had an old but useable boat, but we didn’t know how to fish. So we booked in for a personalised 4-hour session with Steve. He explained the different types of lines, lures and hooks. He showed us different set-ups for trolling and which parts of the lake were more suitable than others. Since that time we have caught something each time we’ve gone out on the lake, except only once due to engine troubles. Steve’s a great bloke, who’s very generous with his vast knowledge and experience. His shop is well-stocked for the gear needed for the area, along with helpful advice in making the best selection for your needs. Thanks, Steve!"
Karen Austin
"Fish, fish, fish!! What a fantastic two mornings taking an old bird like me out on the lake. They were delicious for dinner. Thanks you Steve for looking after me. Great two days on the lake catching fish. I'll be back again soon."
Nadine Lindsay
"A great business operated by a local Guide and Fisherman. I have been dealing with this business for over 10 years and they are always knowledgeable and prepared to give you the up to date information on what is biting and what lure/bait/method is most likely to be effective at the time. They are generous with their time and knowledge and go out of their way to provide personalised service and assistance."
Robert Webley - Wollongong