Fly Fishing Tom Groggin Station with Steve Williamson
Taking expressions of interest now for 2019 & 2020! Please phone 0408 024 436 for available dates!
Tom Groggin Station is situated on the Upper Murray River and its tributary the beautiful Omeo Creek cascades through the property and provide magnificent fishing experiences.

Other fly fishing opportunities are available just a walk away in the Kosciuszko National Park and the Victorian Alpine Park.

We will have 2 ½ days of leisurely fly fishing on these private waters.

Your guide Steve Williamson will be looking after you during this time.

Private room accommodation is provided (upon request)   and most meals are included. All you have to bring is your fly fishing gear (can also be supplied) and your own breakfasts (toast jam supplied), nibbles and refreshments.

Tom Groggin Station Itinerary 

1pm – Leave Steve Williamson Tackle Shop for Tom Groggin Station (or meet us there later in the afternoon)
2pm - Arrive Tom Groggin Station
2pm till 3pm – settle into accommodation and briefing of weekends activities.
3pm to 6pm – Explore Tom Groggin Station. I take you for a drive around the property. Set up your tackle ready for a start tomorrow casting practice and instruction with Steve Williamson
7pm - Dinner

7am - Breakfast
8am – Meet and talk about today’s activities.
8.30 am until 12pm – Morning Fishing with Steve Williamson
1pm – BBQ lunch
2pm to 5pm - Fishing
7pm - Dinner
8.00pm – Fish the evening rise. (optional)
               – Relax and enjoy the sunset.

7am - Breakfast
8am to 12 pm- Fishing
12pm – BBQ LUNCH
Sunday afternoon is yours to go for a fish or relax after lunch or go fishing. Those that choose to relax and fish later in the day can do so.
There is NO formal dinner tonight rather just help yourself to when you want to eat.

This freedom allows you to continue fishing at your own leisure and fish the evening rise until dark and then eat later.
You also have the option to eat early and then go fishing.

# There is optional lure fishing opportunities on Sunday afternoon for those that wish to try something different.

Monday morning.
Breakfast – help yourself when you’re ready. Sleep in if you wish!
Monday morning – last chance for a fish but we must be vacating property by 10am.
10am – Time to book out and leave for Jindabyne.

Taking Expressions of Interest NOW for Spring 2019 and Summer 2020

Tom Groggin Station 2019 - 2020

Fly Fishing Tom Groggin Station with Steve Williamson