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Jindabyne Fly Fishing Lessons, Guided Tours and Weekend Fly Fishing Courses
Fly Fishing is a great way to fish and there is nothing more relaxing than standing in a stream casting a fly to a rising trout. Catching the fish is a bonus!

At ‘Steve Williamson’s Fishing Adventures’ we teach beginners and guide the experienced!
Join us for a day on the water that you will never forget.

Guides are fully trained members of the ‘Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association’ and are very experienced on local waters.


Some people just want to give fly fishing a go so they can experience what it is like. This experience is ‘just like you are going fly fishing”
You don’t need to know how to cast and you most likely will not catch a fish, but you will experience what it is like to be a fly fisher! (i.e. They don’t catch fish all the time either).
You will team up with the experienced fly fishing guide and head to the river or lake. You will access the conditions of the day, look for trout and rig up your rod and line (just like you know what you are doing). You will even dress for the occasion looking very professional (Camera is a must!)

2 hours - $160.00 Private one person. (Extra people is $80 ppp2h)

FOR BEGINNERS - STAGE 1 (Best way to learn to cast a fly rod)
Fly fishing is a sport that requires the angler to be able to cast the fly line with a reasonable degree of accuracy and gracefulness to enable the artificial fly to land on the water in a way which will not scare off the fish.
To enable an angler to do this, you must first have casting lessons and I recommend that you at least have a 2 hour fly casting lesson to get you started. I then recommend that you purchase or hire tackle and continue to practise until you feel confident enough to go on to our 2nd stage, a fly fishing lesson. A fly fishing lesson can be conducted on either the lake or the river.

BEGINNER CASTING LESSONS. Prices include all tackle.image-2934145-BUTTON_FOR_STEVES_BOOKINGS.jpg2 hours - $130.00 Private
2 hours - $180.00 2 people share (Extra person is $60 ppp2h)

3 hours - $195.00 Private or $320.00 for 2 people
***The more people in your group the cheaper the lesson - please ask for a quote! 

STAGE TWO (Instructional)
After you have had a little casting experience, it is time to learn how to fly fish.
You can firstly learn to fish the lake (recommended) or you can learn to fish the river (slightly more technical).
When you learn to fly fish, you will be taught how to select the right fly for the conditions of the day, and then you will learn how to use that fly in an effective manner to catch fish. You will learn how to ‘read’ the water and other conditions that will affect the way the fish will feed on the particular day. What you learn in 2 hours with a professional fishing guide, would take you more than 2 years by yourself, even with the aid of books and videos.

For those that have already done a little casting, we also teach lake, river and steam craft.
A skill which is very necessary to be able to catch fish.
2 hours - $190.00  Private one person. (Extra people is $60 ppp2h)
3 hours - $240 .00  Private one person  (Extra person is $80 ppp3h)
The more people in your group the cheaper the lesson - please ask for a quote!

After you have learnt to fly cast and had some basic instruction on fly fishing techniques, it’s time to book into an extended guided fly fishing tour!

On a guided tour, you will actually be putting into practice what you have learnt over stage 1 and 2. You will be guided through the best way to catch the trout given the ‘conditions of the day’. This is the most difficult part of fly fishing, that is, being able to make an accurate assessment on the best way to catch the fish given current conditions. You will also be guided onto different types of waters, with the emphasis on the best place to fish depending on the conditions of the day!

Again, this is the best way to speed up your fly fishing ‘career’ to give to you most success. This will result in you having the most enjoyable time of your life!

Even if you don’t catch fish, fly fishing isn’t always about catching fish, it’s about being out in the open country, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

As they say ‘Fly fishing isn’t a sport, it’s a religious experience!’

(For experienced fly casters)       Lake, River or Stream    Everything Supplied.
All tackle, waders, vests and flies are supplied at no extra charge.
3 hours - $350.00  Private one person  (Extra person is $80 ppp3h)
4 hours - $410.00  Private 1 person (Extra person is $100 ppp4h)

  • Fully experienced fishing guide and professional instructor!
  • Full explanation on methods used from guides with a lifetime of professional experience.
  • Fishing licence is included.
  • All rods, reels, flies, waders, fly vest and anything else you need to fish.
  • You get to keep any legal length fish caught or you may release fish if you wish.
  • Refreshments on tours more than two hours duration.